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Appointment Management System


Appointment Management System

The AMS manages customers’ appointments efficaciously. The AMS will help you to manage your customer/clients’ appointments in a sophisticated manner. There is rarely a business today that does not need a manager for handling the appointments of clients/customers, thus it is vital for your business as well to leave an impression of being a highly driven organization. The management of appointments is more prominent in organizations like hospitals and medical centers where the frequency of patients per day is really high. Hundreds of patients walk-in if not more, and the chances of creating a chaotic, unorganized plight is proportional to the count of patients/clients. Just think about the consequences of not being able to manage your meetings appropriately. This could damage your brand value significantly apart from causing monetary losses as well. It is no hidden secret that once a negative image is built, it becomes difficult for companies to refine it again. So, it is the need of the hour for every venture today to get this tool for seamless functioning of their operations.

More about the AMS: The Appointment management system operates on the methodology of fixing meetings via a virtual mobile number.Since the integration of the software is done with the phone, the user does not require any internet connection or a call attendant on the other side to fix/confirm his/her appointment as the same can be done through just a phone call with the help of the IVR.It not only books the appointments but also reschedules them. The various functions and features of the AMS are as follows:

  • Automated Appointment System: This feature enables your customers to get automated time slots for meeting with you as per your calendar
  • SMS Notification: The confirmation of appointment, rescheduling and other communications can be done through SMS integration with your AMS
  • Re-confirmation Notification alert: Notifications will be sent through various sources (e-mail/social media) as per your customization for re-confirmation.
  • Mass Appointment and Cancelation: If in case there is a Mass scheduling, the AMS will help you manage things not only for conducting the meeting but also for their cancellations.