Auto Marketing

Auto Marketing

When the word ‘marketing’ takes place, we always think of boring advertisements, emails that interrupt our concentration and the pamphlets which directly move to the trash. But at My Hotline, we have changed the view of marketing, as we have developed a smart software called Auto Marketing that keeps your customer updated only with the information and reminders related to the products he looks for.
Here, if your customer approaches your showroom to see any product but he has not made any decision yet to purchase that product. At reception desk, if he mentions the date of purchase in the information form, our software start keeping your customer updated through SMSs, PopUps and emails on various intervals of time. At the date of purchase, our automated marketing software generates a call between your executive and your customer so that he could visit you.
In this way, you can easily pitch your client and attract him through promotional offers and discounts. It also gives high efficiency as compared to the manual activities. Apart from this it also keeps records of all the inbound and outbound calls/messages and emails. This is the perfect way to generate more leads and to reduce marketing labor cost.

Features :

Automatic SMS/Call Generation

It helps you to update your customers regarding their purchase through an automatic call and message generation.

Generate Leads

This is the best way to generate more leads as you get more success in pitching the customer with our auto marketing software.

Highly Efficient

As compared to manual activities, it is highly efficient in updating your customer at various intervals of time through SMSs,, emails and calls.

Cost Effective

If this single system is capable enough to do call-SMS based marketing and also generate automatic call, then you save more on hiring manpower.