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 It is an internet-based program through which a person can get connected to an executive via a single click on a button, image or link. The immediate connection is established through a cellular call, text or VoIP. The best part is that your potential client/customer can call you for free using this tool which increases the chances of generating more business. Following are some of the benefits of this:

  • It increases the call attendance rate, that is most of your queries are most likely to reach one of your executives.
  • It is a rule of thumb for every business that more people you talk with, more are the chances of getting business through them. So, this tool helps in increasing your productivity.
  • The most significant benefit of this tool is that it is easy to operate and takes very little time to connect two ends.
  • Reporting can be such a menace at times. Click-to-call generates efficient reports of your call history.