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Cloud Telephony

My Hotline is a flagship venture offering the cloud services. It is basically a platform which offers an amalgamation of client handling tools as a combination of IVR and Cloud Telephony. My Hotline uses cloud-based communications as core section of its technology. It is completely based on the technique of switching and storing through internet-based voice and data applications which are (most of the times) hosted by third-party(ies). It has umpteen modules under it which together perform all the tasks which an entrepreneur always look for. These tools make your phone a smart phone in a true sense by triggering accurate responses to every call. The IVR helps the caller get connected to the concerned person and the information of the complete caller-action is stored on the cloud. In a nutshell, My Hotline works as a 24*7 employee for your business that too at no additional gut-wrenching costs.