Complaint Management

Complaint Management

Handling too many complaints can be a troublesome matter. And, if ‘some’ complaints are not handled properly, they become ‘many’. Dispensing great customer service is a test for many ventures today. The ever-increasing competition among the companies has raised the bar of customers’ expectations. Thanks to the automated software tools which have made lives of the entrepreneurs easier. Our CMS is one of such tools to handle the complaints and it is also a perfect solution for managing all the protestations in your name. This complaint management tool is a simple rule in order to grow your reputation and hence, business: A timely resolution of queries through a secure platform is imperative to maintain customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Complaint management system is a system for assessing, analyzing and responding to customer complaints through a virtual mobile number. To be precise, this system is incorporated with the IVR, thus it does not require any attendant to sit and entertain the complaints. The user is at ease of lodging a complaint with the help of his/her cell-phone without even visiting the vendor/company.It records, resolves and responds to customer complaints as well as facilitates feedback. It also constructs and publishes a support knowledge base. CMS enables you to analyze and improve the performance of your customer support team which is a major stand-out feature of this tool.

With the help of CTI-CMS, you can handle the tickets raised by your customers effectively and thus it will boost the chances of meeting their expectations, thereby quickly transforming your customer reservations into customer satisfaction instead, especially if you consider the complaints as opportunities to improve what you do and how you do it. The complaint management system is a basic yet essential requisite for any business and it becomes indispensable for businesses that want to grow like Topsy so as to become and stay prosperous.

Broadly, the features that are a part ofthe Complaint Management System are:

  • Complaint registered through call: The very first step will allow your customers to register the complaint through a call.
  • Call recording: Upon registration, the conversation will be recorded between the client and the executive.
  • Interaction directly with the concerned department: The call will be made to land at the correct department.
  • Security: Secure and flawless process will be ensured.