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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)


A Computer and a telephone are perhaps the most indispensable tools for running a venture successfully. No business is as effective without these two as it is with them. Imagine if both these amazing devices are integrated and made to work in tandem! Well, you can only imagine how efficaciously they will work together. My Hotline  provides you a practical implementation of this concept. We, at My Hotline, offer best Desktop-based interaction applications to our clients/potential customers in accordance with their complex and exclusive requirements. Our CTI system enables you to take control over your business communications with a convenient, one-point access and coordination. Our state-of-the-art applications allow their users to send/ receive documents to anyone by commencing e-mails during the live conversation using simple drag-and-drop methods. Above all, CTI enhances your capability to get connected to the people through hughes air co gilbert and expand your business horizons.


How does it work?

The server-based functionality like automatic call routing is done through an interface provided at the panel of your desktop or a remote device. The moment a caller tries to touch base with you, a customer information display pops up on your screen that contains all the record of your customer which is undoubtedly helpful in managing that call aptly. On top of that, features such as DND, conference, hold etcetera also become controllable from your desktop screen. Furthermore, the connections can be established in two ways which are First-party call control and Third-party call control. All in all, your computer becomes able to play recorded messages, take multiple calls, re-route calls, and show up the required information from the database at any point in time during the live call with the implementation of CTI.


Why CTI?

My Hotline CTI is a steal if you are looking for a cost effective, innovative and easy to operate solution for streamlining your call-handling and other phone related operations. Besides this, following are the reasons to go for My Hotline  CTI:
  • An inclusive control over your conversations with your clients.
  • High-tech solution that requires minimum human resources as it saves time and less effort compared to the conventional way of handling calls.
  • CTI increases the efficiency of your calling operations and proves to be immensely lucrative for you as it gives you the privilege of never missing a call.
  • It helps to maintain the privacy and security of your hard-earned database.