Why CRM?

There is always a smart strategy, works behind every successful business, which helps in maintaining good customer relationship and business growth. With a thorough research on some customer behaviors and current business strategies, My Hotline has introduced a smart CRM that helps you make your customers satisfied with all the information they look for in well synchronized form based on telephonic communication system.
Our smartly featured CRM-(Customer Relationship Management) is capable of tracking all the activities that are performed between you and your customer even through phone. And by updating your customers on regular basis, this CRM tries to make your customers remain aware of your products etc. If there is any meeting date or time set by your customer according to his availability, this product will keep on updating him in a synchronized way.

Features of CRM:

Contact Management

It allows you to manage and sort all your contacts according to your comfort and the availability of your customer.

Lead Management

It allows identifying the hot prospects and determines best customers to follow up.


It provides the detailed report regarding the customer’s purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

Sales analytics

It allows to analyze the past sales based on which we can decide the future prospects.