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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Why CRM?

It is of paramount importance that a company must acquire and retain customers in order to survive in this era of cut throat competition. Further, the costs associated with building new clientele can be supported by the revenue generated from the existing customers. One certain way of developing a new client base is by following different sales channels. However, more the ways you opt, the greater becomes the need of managing interactions with your clients. Client relationship management helps you to track the patterns in the ever-changing behavior of your clientele and morph your operations and strategies in accordance with the fluctuating patterns so that you can serve your customers in the best possible manner. In crux, CRM does not only help you manage the data of your leads but also helps you to build relationships for long-term as the better you understand your customers, the more you’ll be efficient in fulfilling their needs.The irony is that not many businesses have digitalized themselves in pursuit of running after hoaxes. The fact, however remains that a CRM is a fruitful investment that yields a high return on investment (ROI) at a petite maintenance cost.

How does it work?

Ideally, CRM can be achieved by mapping the consumers’ buying habits, preferences and viewpoints. The management of client relations also includes profiling the customers in accordance with the market and thereby enhancing the revenue generation. CTI-CRM tool works in an efficacious manner by allowing the business to handle all the communications with clients and potential customers. In lay words, it is a Marketing Automation Portal with a Sales tracking module plus a contact management part included in it. To add icing on the cake, this tool can also be customized with an additional technical/customer support module. The power of this tool lies in the fact that it can be utilized to enhance your business at micro and macro levels. Moreover, it also assists you to smooth your applications, save assets and obliterate the usage of additional cost ineffective software.

This software performs automated functions according to the nature of the call and/or next step involved in the modus operandi as decided by the user.The marketing automation module allows you to customize umpteen templates and automated e-mail campaigns. The features such as ability to shoot newsletters/SMS and creating systematic marketing drills make this tool even more productive and easy to use. Such campaigns will work for you in capturing new leads and maintaining & maturing the old ones. The CTI-CRM is a cloud-based (Amazon web services, the most secure platform) tool which allows you to access your data from your mobile device apart from operating from your personal computer or laptop as well. Isn’t it amazing that you can maintain a spy eye on all your marketing and customer relationship management activities at the comfort of your couch?

Features of CRM:

  • Contact Management – It allows you to manage and sort all your contacts according to your comfort at one place on the interface.
  • Lead Management- It allows to identify the hot prospects and determine best customers to follow up.
  • Reports- It provides the detailed report regarding the customer’s purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.
  • Sales analytics- It allows to analyze the past sales based on which we can decide the future prospects.