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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


What is ERP?

ERP is a term which is widely misperceived. Almost every business has its own definition of ERP albeit everyone is getting benefitted with this tool. Let us throw some light on what this software is all about. We know that the basic pillars of a business are Finance, Marketing, Data Management, Logistics and Inventory management. The CTI-ERP is such software which can be used by enterprises of all sizes in order to support all their basic needs under a single source. It manages the tasks that pertain to both front and back office across multiple verticals. This tool will help you track all the resources in store, purchase orders made, and status of delivery.

10 reasons why should you implement ERP today?

  • CTI-ERP can be integrated with the financial analysis portal(s). It can thus provide functionality for generating various financial and analysis reports, such as profitability and cost center analysis reports, for multiple verticals under the same platform.
  • Decision making becomes much swift when ERP is implemented in your modus operandi as the businesspersons get the real-time data instantly from any departments. The account inquiries can be automatically redirected to the respective decision-makers using dedicated numbers.
  • There is virtually no involvement of paper in this mode of operation. The ERP helps both you and environment by storing all the data on the cloud (thereby making it secure and easy to access) apart from the fact that it also eliminates redundancy from your system.
  • Supplier and purchase order management becomes all the easier with the support of ERP as the data management channel is interlinked with departments ranging from purchase to logistics.
  • It improves your customers’ experiences by offering  single portal for relationship and invoice mapping.
  • The ERP magnifies the business intelligence and helps your business grow at the rate of knots.
  • Enhanced coordination between the departments will result in minimum turn-around time and optimized results. For instance, the order management section can handle the orders faster and the accounts department can thus terminate the books much quicker.
  • The real-time reporting will enable the managers to scrutinize their teams from anywhere and at any time through their remote devices. Thus, the productivity and employee performance can be boosted.
  • Just as the employees can be monitored through the ERP, the inventory can also be under your scrutiny at the single click.
  • This tool will support you to enhance your regulatory measures and can also prove to be helpful in reducing risks.
It is quite a fact that there are always many excuses for not doing a thing and just one reason for getting it done. Albeit, if you find that reason, then your growth will be fuelled significantly, if not, this tool will bring an epiphany of your business’ potential to you once you use it. In order to get a demonstration of this tool, reach out to us now!