Hospital Management System

Hospital Management System

HMS is a breakthrough tool which enables the medium sized and huge hospitals to manage their operations in a cost-effective yet efficient manner. It not only does the work quickly but also takes the pain away from the hospital administration. The functioning of HMS includes activities ranging from clinical (front-end) to back office works that too without using a single piece of paper. It compiles the entire resources of the hospital into single software which makes all the activities streamlined. This system is quite robust and flexible and is not limited to only big hospitals. You can manage your clinics as well from anywhere.



You can create multiple users in accordance with your staff’s strength and department. The privileges and functions for each user can be assigned as per the requirement and can be changed at a later stage if/when required.


The records of patients are created in such a way that you can sort the data as per your need. The information stored is secure and easily accessible for the user(s).


The outpatients are vital for a clinic/hospital and so is their record. The OPD data can be irksome to handle especially when additional recurring costs like paper and other stationary is considered on top of the time it takes to handle. This feature of HMS can prove to be quite a blessing for you.


May be not as high in count as OPD, the IPD can still be a mess at times. Specially, when it comes to maintaining the records of patients’ medicine intervals, diagnostic schedule, reports and many more. Imagine a tool which allows you to handle all this stuff in a single click! Isn’t it like ‘healing’ your wounds?


What if your bills were generated almost automatically? Wouldn’t it save your time and money? E-bills are widely accepted too nowadays! So, let’s contribute to the environment by saving paper.


Which medicine for which patient, quantity and precision all these things could be really complex to handle, but if the record is managed by the HMS, there is absolutely no chance for a blemish.


Well, with the increasing population, (we hope not) you get a situation where you find it difficult to allot rooms to your patients. In order to streamline the allotment of rooms/wards, HMS will be at your rescue 24*7.


  1. The biggest merit of CTI-HMS is that it helps you to cut-off your human resources requirement as most of the work will be done by the software itself.The automated responses on the inquiries can be given to the patients through IVR as the HMS is integrated with the phone(s) and the reporting of the queries can also be automated.
  2. Another biggest advantage of having the CTI-HMS is that the Hospitals can integrate their Hardware (ECG/MRI, etcetera) with this system and can generate reports for communicating more quickly with the patients through SMSs and e-mails.
  3. Ease of access: The data and information stored in HMS is exceptionally easy to access and manage not only for the administrators but also for the patients.
  4. Time-saving and cost efficient solution: Faster internal communications and thus better results for the management.
  5. Precision and accuracy: The system enables the patients to interact directly with the concerned person.
  6. A transparent billing module is integrated which is definitely a plus point of HMS
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