Interactive Voice Response

Suppose you receive a significantly high number of calls on a daily basis, and your reception desk remains unable to listen to all the requests at the same time. In this way, your potential customer or any new query may suffer a lot and that could lead to a business loss too.
But now by keeping all the reception desk issues in mind, My Hotline has introduced a one-stop virtual IVR service for all types of business service providers. Being a reputed IVR service provider, we have designed a highly responsive telephony tool to entertain all your business calls at the same time. This virtual receptionist medium is too smart to attend each of your callers and smartly transfer him to the related department without putting him on hold.
And apart from transferring phone calls, our cloud-based IVR connects the callers to the mobile phones as well. On top of that, it has additional features such as auto call recording, SMS alert, call reports and, multi-level IVR which make this application a perfect receptionist.


  • Boosts your brand image
  • Establish customer identity
  • Generate more leads and increase responsiveness of your customers
  • Extend your business and upgrade customer base
  • Helps in Customer Support
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