Lead Management

Lead Management

Gone are the days when people used to work on hard-bound cold sheets. It is now the time to manage all important leads on a tool that enables you to not only categorize the leads but also manage them with utmost precision. Each and every lead is important for a business as it is not only the data in an excel sheet but infact a lead means prospective business and further a long-term relationship for the company. Just think of world where the leads knock your door – and you precisely know their requirements and how to fulfill them. Well, all that matters then is the way you handle those queries internally as well as externally. If the right information is communicated at the right time, the results will take care of themselves.
The CTI-Lead management is a system which enables you to manage your leads flawlessly. It helps you track and manage potential customers by saving the conversations in the form of text (SMS history) or audio files and by triggering automated SMSs if/when required. The tasks pulled off by the Lead management feature of CTI are nothing less than those of a customer acquisition management tool. The process followed by this tool is:

Lead Creation > Customer Inquiry and Capture> Scanning, Distribution and Communication> Lead Fostering.

Lead Creation

The leads generated through various channels are mapped by this module. These include the bloggare posts, online adverts, PR drills and Social media.

Client Capturing

The interest and response of the lead (Client) is recorded in this step thereby creating a sales lead.

Scanning, Distribution and Communication

The sales lead list is sorted by the credibility of the individual query thereafter it is prioritized on the basis of the warmth (likelihood of conversion) and then distributed to the concerned sales executives.

Sorting and fostering

of the lead is done depending on the scale of your marketing campaign. The leads which are yet to be contacted (cold leads) are separated from the hot ones (follow-up leads). The follow-up could be taken care and/or reminded through automated programs or the sales report.


Increased efficiency

The Lead Management system enhances the efficiency of first calls, follow-ups and all other communications. Thus, it can prove to be pretty lucrative for smart businesses.

Reduced Cost

The cost of this tool will prove out to be quite low compared to having employees on payroll for various marketing and sales campaigns as it can significantly reduce the workload if operated smartly.

Little turnaround time

The pace of today’s market is no less than god-speed. In order to match the pace of your competitors, this tool will support you in the best possible manner.

Analysis of the communication and trends

The CTI-LM will allow its users to analyse and understand the patterns of customer behaviour which will further help them to grow over a long term.

It is not a distant dream where the technology will take over to streamline your complete sales management. Lead management is a boon for businesses varying from start-ups to established players. If this concept is worthy of your interest, do visit us or leave an inquiry.

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