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My Hotline

It is  a modern day cloud-based technology services provider. My Hotline has changed the way businesses used to work by making the approach of using data-centric technology obsolete by introducing the cloud-based protocols. The advent of VoIP has been a game changer as it has made the voice available over the cloud. This technique of virtually replacing the mainstream business telephonic paraphernalia like a Private branch exchange (PBX), with a third-party VoIP or DNS hosting service is termed as Cloud telephony. “My Hotline” excels in handling your communications by providing you integrated solutions of software tools and basic infrastructure. The unified communication system developed by “My Hotline” allows its users to execute desktop-based interactions for producing more efficient results. My Hotline has been proving to be a golden chapter not only in the chronicle of Dreamweavers group but also for its clients ever since it has turned up on the scene. Dream Weavers  offers umpteen business automation solutions ranging from IVR to an integration of IVR & CRM. It has been making inroads with its enthusiastic personnel, state of the art MIMO and OFDM technology and a boundless network.


 Top reasons for  going ahead with us!

  • Affordable top notch technology for your business: If you somehow feel that the Cloud technology is very expensive, let us tell you that you are absolutely WRONG. We have made it convenient for our clients to afford our products by offering best of our innovations at quite affordable prices. Have a glimpse of our rate plans and you’ll get to know what we mean.
  • User satisfaction oriented products: At MY HOTLINE, we lay emphasis on quality of our software commodities. We understand that it is mandatory for the businesses of today to make technology a part of their modus operandi and so we compel ourselves to develop such technologies which not only satisfy the basic needs of our clients but are also flexible enough to perform and automate additional tasks.
  • Perform complex tasks with utmost ease using our tools: We have designed our tools to help you automate your marketing, accounts, operations, sales, customer management and many more tasks. Thus, we are offering you life-long companions in the form of cloud technology-based integrated tools. These will help you to streamline all your difficult works.
  • Enhanced return on investments with smart spending: It is quite evident from the experiences of our clients to us that they are in love with the scalability and return on investments minted using our technology. They are in love with the technological breakthroughs like My Hotline, My CRM, My Sales Force, CTI-CMS and many others. Are you ready to optimize your ROI and fall in admiration of our tools too?
  • Timely updates and support: We are always a click or a call away from our clients. Our team of devoted professionals progressively work on updating the clients with latest innovations at My Hotline .


Interactive Voice Response

Usually IVR works with hardware whereas our product provides all the features of PBX including IVR without any hardcore wiring. No equipments or telephone lines are required being a cloud based service.

Customer Relationship Management

It is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. We offer a customizable solution to our end users as per the requirement of our clients, making it a dynamic CRM.

Computer Telephony Integration

It is a part of the unified communication system that allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be integrated or coordinated. The term is predominantly used to describe desktop-based interaction for helping users be more efficient

What’s happening?

Bonjour! We are continuously working in developing new and innovative business solutions, and improving the existing offerings at the same time. At My Hotline , we believe in performing and delivering results-oriented favours. Effective implementation of technology, seamless user experience, and long-term relationships with our clients, are the sine qua non for us when it comes to working on anything and everything. So, you would not be surprised if you see a platter of solutions coming your way within a short span of time after making a query as we are progressively working on obliterating the menaces faced by our prospective clients as the business complexities increase multiple folds day by day.