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Ticket Management System


Ticket Management System

The CTI-TMS is one of the latest advancements delivered by Dreamweavers. This system supports its user(s) to manage the ticketing comfortably. With the help of a centric point of reference, all the incoming tickets are managed effectively and precisely. The pending tickets, terminated tickets and escalated tickets all can be tracked using this tool and issues associated with them can also be resolved in a time-effective manner. Since the functioning of TMS is cloud-based all the coordination can be done remotely through phone and/or computer. The CTI-TMS has already proven to be an effective solution for its users. They have been enabled to reconcile the issues and map their passage as well. This tool has done and promises to do an exceptional work in supporting its users while delivering monotonous ticketing service by making the experience a lot slicker.

Features of TMS:

  • Assign tickets to the agent– Through this system we can assign different tickets to different agents based on their requirement and scale of operations also, considering the number of tickets they are already handling.Also, the complaints and/or bookings can be made either manually or using SMSs/e-mails as convenient.
  • Edit Customer ticket– With the help of this function the agent can edit the status of the ticket of different clients.
  • Self –Service: Under this feature, the client is provided with the ticket number and he can track the status of his ticket sitting at any place.
  • Delete ticket- There is an option of deleting any specific ticket whenever required.

All these features make it extremely easy for the support team to deal with all the problems effectively as all the information is stored in one accessible location which can be handled from beginning till the end. Furthermore, once troubleshooting is done, a note is sent to the reporting person through a dedicated e-mail address.The merits of TMS do not end here. Here are some of the other advantages of this tool:

  • Ticket Forecasting: This software helps the agents to predict the count of tickets which might be booked on the basis of previous analysis. Thus, it can prove out to be a valuable asset for them.
  • This web-based administration console will be also helpful in Business process creation as the application can be integrated with the active directory of each department.
  • The users can be given varied privileges depending upon their responsibilities and roles in the department and the notifications can be sent to them through e-mails, SMSs and other modes.
  • The instant chat support can also be integrated with this tool which can enhance the user experience in real time.
  • Social media plug-ins can prove to act as a bridge between the customer and the service as booking, real-time status, and other links can be made through the social media websites which will redirect the user to this portal.
  • MIS and reports can be generated automatically for selected time period.